Road Runner Sports

Pre-Race Packet Pick Up and Registration

Saturday 10/5/19 from 10am – 2pm at Road Runner Sports In Kent

You like beer right? And want to be ready to go at the start line so… If you are interested in receiving a free beer AND your timing chip, bib, shirt and stein before the race you can collect them at Road Runner Sports in Kent.  Also – If you are interested in registering, you can do that here as well.

Want a FREE ENTRY to the Stein Dash? The first 8 people that register as a volunteer to help at Packet Pickup on Saturday will receive a free entry after their shift!

Race Day Packet Pick Up & Registration

Can’t make it Saturday? No worries… we will have all your gear at the start line waiting for you on Sunday before the race from 9:00am – 10:30am. Just make sure to arrive early to help avoid long lines and to go through ID Check so you can enjoy the beer stops on course.

the Facts
Sunday October 6, 2019
10:30am – the Stein Dash race begins

12:00pm – the 1/2 Mile Kids Rootbeer Run begins (from the event finish line) – estimated start time based on the completion of the adult event. 
Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup, WA

the Map

(click the image for full map details)

the Parking
This one is easy – see the Map above? Boom. Parking. If you don’t bring the map, keep your eye out for the BLUE gate and BLUE parking lot. Also…’s free.

the Swag
We are pretty happy with the swag coming for this year’s event and think you should be too. Everyone entering will receive:

  • A Sweet Stein Dash race shirt
  • A commemorative tasting stein
  • 3 on course beer stops
  • Free Entry into Oktoberfest NW all day Sunday after the run
  • A complimentary beer at the end (Or root beer in the root beer garden for you non-alcohol drinkers/under 21s). Just make sure to let our people be the ones to take that ticket off your bib…we can sadly only accept tickets that are attached to a body part. Danke.

kids Root Beer Run Swag

That’s right, the adults don’t get all the fun. The Kids Root Beer Run is for all those 10 and unders coming out. A 1/2 mile kids run mimicking the Stein Dash, these kids will run, chug, run! At the halfway point, kids will be greeted with a 5oz root beer to chug before racing to the finish line. All kids will receive:

  • An awesome root beer run shirt
  • 1 on course root beer stop
  • Free entry into Oktoberfest NW
  • A commemorative stein
  • One free Root Beer inside Oktoberfest


the Packet
Timing Chips, Bibs, Safety Pins, Steins, and Shirts will all be ready to get picked up Sunday the 6th. No need to be there any other day but race morning. Makes things simpler that way. And we aren’t trying to tell you what to do, but it opens at 9:00am and the lines are usually shorter earlier.

the Gear
It is assumed that after burning up the race course and having a few drinks – you will be ready for some more. Feel free to use our Gear Check to store whatever you might want to finish out the day wearing. It will be located right near the start/finish line and you can see it on the map above. Gear Check will move from the start/finish line to lost & found inside Oktoberfest NW starting at noon.

the Legal
Remember those days when you weren’t 21 and people were doing fun things you couldn’t?
Not anymore, Congratulations.
However, if you are still in that 21 and under category….we have some bad news…. While we certainly want you to come, enjoy, and win our race – Washington Law says we cannot serve you beer. Good news – while everyone else drinks their free beer at Oktoberfest, you will get a free Rootbeer, and considering you aren’t going to be running full of beer – you probably won the race.
Therefore, Congratulations to you as well.

the Costumes
Speaking of costumes…..that’s happening too. It’s Oktoberfest – let’s look like it. Costume contest prizes will be announced after the race in the Festhalle. We’d love for everyone to look festive and fun. We also want to keep it classy so use that stellar judgment when choosing what to wear.

the Lodging
Some people are planners and manage to make excellent decisions on how to enjoy the Oktoberfest Saturday night yet still be rested in time for the run on Sunday morning. If you are one of those people or want to pretend you are, we have a few hotels that are very supportive of responsible decisions and sweet dreams. Check them out:

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